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Cortex’s expertise in fundamental analysis helps us uncover market positions with hidden value.

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Our technical experts then work to identify the optimal times for you to enter and exit the markets.

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The result is our proprietary investing approach that combines both superior Fundamental Analysis with Technical Expertise giving you a unique edge in the market.

Your Dreams Are Within Reach

Each of us have dreams of a fulfilled life. This can include everything from buying your dream home to assisting loved ones or special charities. As a result, finding the best way to acquire the financial resources to achieve those dreams is usually near the top of everyone’s list.

Cortex’s intelligent investing and money management strategies help you get the most out of your investments to achieve your dreams even faster than you think.

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Your Refined Invesment Philosophy

We blend fundamental and technical analysis to develop winning strategies over the long run. Each of our strategies is back-tested over years of data and must meet rigorous requirements before being implemented into our portfolio.

This philosophy gives you the confidence that your money is being put to its best use.

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Our Promise to You

As a small, private investment firm, our investors are our family. We only serve select clients. And as family, you can expect us to fiercely focus on helping you achieve your goals.

It also means you can expect us to make time for you, any time.

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